Marilyn Monroe
I know I’ll see you again,
I know you left for your own good.
I want you to achieve what you dream.
I just wish I could be right there next to you.
It’s not ideal for us,
And it’s hard to know that no one approves.
At this point the only thing to do is move on.
I’m caught in this downward spiral
And I don’t quite know how to get out.
With you I knew what life meant.
Now with out you,
I don’t quite get it anymore.
September 4th, 2013 // 0 notes

No matter who brings you down, never think less of your self. Look at them smile and walk away, nothing is better than kindness. Believe in yourself even if you think there isn’t any good left.

Gorgeous ♥
Just because this is good bye for now, doesn’t mean good bye forever. I know we’ll meat again, but for the lease to say do what’s good for you. What ever happens to me I’ll be able to live you go and live your dream. #ithinkitstruelove #cantwaittillthis #feelingisgone #redhair #miniskirt #bluetshirt #aviators